What is your commission?

The profit in a two-level affiliate program consists not of one component, as in a regular affiliate program, but of two! Our affiliate program has a commission of 2% at the first level and 1% at the second level.

How does it work?

Level 1
The commission percentage that the Partner receives from direct attraction of deposits from invited investors. Through its recommendations to its own target audience and placing advertising information in its own mailing list, on the pages of a website, blog, by placing paid contextual advertising, etc.

Level 2
The commission percentage received from the deposits of investors who were attracted to this partner program, which you personally invited as a partner. In order to attract partners to this affiliate program, you need to tell your own target audience that there is a good affiliate program that has excellent investment plans and brings excellent profits to its Partners.

Where to start?

You need to register on our website. After registration, you will have a personal account, where you will see your unique link, promo materials, to attract potential investors. You can use this link to direct potential depositors and receive a commission on each deposit.

It may also happen that the person using your link not only opened a deposit, bringing you a commission, but also became a partner in the promotion of the affiliate program. In this case, he becomes your second-level partner, and you will receive 1% of the deposits attracted by him. This is a real passive income when you get money from the sales of your partners.