Changing the maximum limit for withdrawals


Changing the maximum limit for withdrawals

Dear users, we inform you that the withdrawal limits have been changed. The maximum amount allowed for withdrawals is now $1500.

InvestBot actively uses the accumulated knowledge and developments in the field of stock trading. Our trading strategies and the use of automated systems allow us to consistently earn in the cryptocurrency market, bringing our customers a reliable income.

Platform - in the spotlight

Exactly two months ago the platform was launched. We hope that cooperation with us has proved useful, and you have had the opportunity to appreciate the work of the platform and the terms of service.

Over the past period, the interest in InvestBot service from independent market participants has increased - we have received new customers, and the turnover of our service transactions has increased many times.

Positive dynamics and a supportive environment

Of course, it is worth noting the favorable environment for operations: during this year the crypto market pleases us with new peaks and stable corrections - we successfully fix profits as a result of capital turnover, and our clients receive unconditional interest without delay.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot and other cryptocurrencies have been growing on a parabolic trajectory in recent months. Recall that in 2010 the value of bitcoin was only 6 cents. Compare the recently set maximum to $61,000. The value of Ethereum just a month ago almost reached record values - up to $2000 the price rose on the news of the launch of futures.

Meanwhile, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is going to enter the public market this year, which will increase the capitalization of cryptocurrencies. The introduction of ETFs and ETNs for crypto assets is the next major milestone that will fundamentally change the prioritization of the financial global system.

We have something to grow and strive for!

Respectfully, investBot team